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How do I add bank transfer as my payout method?

To add your bank transfer as your payout method please go to the Settings tab of your ProZ*Pay account  > select “Bank transfer” > press on the button "Enter banking information via PaymentRails" > "Add Payout method" button > go through steps to add your banking information.

ProZ Pay Bank transfer2

ProZ Pay Add payout button

If your bank account is in USD, the payout will most likely be delayed and/or returned. In order to receive the payout via bank transfer in USD, please contact the ProZ*Pay Team to set up your withdrawal method via Wise (formerly Transferwise)

PS: Please make sure to use the Secure notes section only to add banking information if you want your bank transfers sent to a USD account via Wise (formerly Transferwise).


We just need the following information to set up your withdrawal method via Wise (formerly Transferwise):

  • Currency type (USD, UAH, etc.) 
  • Bank type (Checking, savings)
  • Bank name
  • IBAN number, if you have one 
  • Swift or Sort Code 
  • Bank account holder name
  • Your date of birth 
  • Current address

You can find more information about payout withdrawal preferences and methods also here:

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