ProZ*Pay for Payee

Bank transfer: How can I withdraw my ProZ*Pay balance to a bank account in American dollars?

Depending on your location, may be able to send your payout to your USD account by using Wise (formerly Transferwise).

If you have a Wise account:

Please select Bank transfer as your payout withdrawal method and add your Wise email address to the "Secure notes to ProZ*Pay staff" section of your ProZ*Pay account. 

Signup for Wise here


If you do not have a Wise account:

You can add the information indicated to your ProZ*Pay settings into the "Secure notes" section by selecting your payout method as Bank transfer. will need the following information:

  • Currency type (USD, UAH, etc.) 
  • Bank type (Checking, savings)
  • Bank name
  • IBAN number, if you have one 
  • Swift or Sort Code 
  • Bank account holder name
  • Your date of birth 
  • Current address

You will see a warning asking you to add PaymentRails information. Please disregard this — staff will manually finish your setup once you have added the necessary information to the secure notes.


Please contact the ProZ*Pay team by submitting a support request if you have doubts or need more information.