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How do I add bank transfer as my payout method?

You can add your preferred payout method or withdrawal preferences from the Settings tab of your ProZ*Pay account. Don't know how to access your ProZ*Pay account? Learn more here.


Bank transfers are done through Trolley, and all transfers will be converted to your country's local currency. Which means you can only use a bank account in your local currency to receive your payouts through this method. If your bank account is in USD and not the local currency, the payout will be delayed and/or returned. 

If you would like to use the bank transfer, please choose "Bank transfer" as your preferred payout method. Select the button "Enter banking information at Trolley" and once the new window opens, click on "+Add Payout Method".

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Make sure to press "Save payout method" when you are finished.


PS: Bank tranfer through Trolley has a minimum payment amount of $20. If your payout is under that minimum payment amount you can receive your funds via a different method or let your funds accumulate in your ProZ account until you reach the payment minimum by selecting the option "Hold funds in ProZ*Pay until manually requested".


If you would like to receive your money through bank transfer in USD, please read the following article: How can I withdraw my ProZ*Pay balance to a bank account in American dollars?


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