Business page

How can I create a Business page?

In order to create a Business page, you must first have an active profile (this is the profile you use to log in to the site, and to participate in the community). 

You can create a Business page by going to your Profile updater and changing the account type to “Translation agency/company employee or owner”. As you type the name of your company, the following message will show:

2019-08-08 profile updater

Please note that this account type means that this particular profile will not show up in the translators and interpreters directory . Only your Business page will appear in the translation agencies and companies directory.


For more information about directories you can read this FAQ section: .


You may also request the creation of business page via a support request. Please make sure to provide:

  • Link to an active profile registered for Translation agency/company employee or owner or Freelance and outsourcer which will be affiliated to this Business page. 
  • All the necessary information about your company such as: company name, email, complete address etc.