ProZ*Pay for Payer

What payment funding methods are accepted for ProZ*Pay?

Most ways of sending money are accepted for funding payments

ProZ*Pay can accept many methods of funding for payments.

There are two available methods to fund a payment immediately: credit card and PayPal. These methods have an additional 3.75% fee added to the payment.

The other available method is bank transfer. There is no additional fee when choosing bank transfer. Once you have set up a payment using bank transfer as the funding method, you need to head to your bank account and make a transfer to's bank account. Learn more here: How do I fund a payment via bank transfer?

If you would like to fund he payment using a different method, please choose bank transfer and contact the ProZ*Pay staff. They will help. ProZ*Pay works with many different options to make funding more convenient. Mailing a check, Payoneer, Skrill, Wise (Transferwise) and more may be available. Please submit a support request to find out more.

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