ProZ*Pay for Payee

PayPal: I received a payment through PayPal but I'd like to reverse it.

Please check if the payout has been already processed


If the payout has been already sent, we are unable to reverse the PayPal payout since it was already deducted from our PayPal account. If you would like to have the payout reversed, you would need to contact PayPal and request the reversal. The request needs to come from the person that received the payout. 

You could also log into your PayPal account, locate the transaction and select 'Issue a refund'. Once the PayPal payout is returned to our PayPal account, we will add the funds back to your ProZ*Pay account.

You may change your payout withdrawal method from your ProZ*Pay Settings tab  by following the steps provide here or contact the ProZ*Pay Team via a support request to set up the new payout method.