ProZ*Pay for Payee

I did not receive my payout. What should I do?

First of all please check your ProZ*Pay account and make sure the payout withdrawal was processed and sent.


If the payout was not processed:

1. Please make sure you have added your preferred payout method
  • In the case of bank transfers, please remember that full and correct banking data should be added to the form in the section "Payout via bank transfer " by pressing the "Enter banking information at Payment Rails" button > "Add Payout method" button. This section includes the full bank data necessary to send the payment. 
  • If you would like to use Paypal / Skrill or Payoneer, please make sure to add your corresponding email addresses associated with these accounts.
  • In case you would like to use any other payment method please feel free to contact ProZ*Pay Team at .

You can find more information about all withdrawal methods that are supported here.

2. Please check your withdrawal schedule settings. If your withdrawal schedule settings are set to manual, you should manually request the withdrawal of your funds via your ProZ*Pay account by pressing the button “Request payout”. 

You can find more information about withdrawal schedule settings here

If the payout was processed and sent, but still not received

Please remember that all international bank transfers can take several business days to process. The estimated delivery date is just an estimated date based on the average processing time for international bank transfers from the US to your country.

If, however, you still have doubts please contact ProZ*Pay team at .

In case of other payment methods, please contact ProZ*Pay team via and the status of your payout will be checked.

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