Glossary of ProZ*Pay terms

Glossary of ProZ*Pay terms

Payer, customer, client: 'Company' or 'LSP' funding the payment. 

Payee, vendor: Language professional ('freelancer', 'service provider' etc.) who receives payment.

Payout, payment: Payment of money to be delivered to the payee. 

Advance payout (payment): Payout scheduled by the payer before funds are transferred to ProZ*Pay

Payment request: The email sent to the payer requesting to be paid via ProZ*Pay.

Funds: Payment amount transferred to ProZ*Pay by the payer

Payouts/withdrawal: Amount of money requested by the payee to be withdrawn 

Payout/withdrawal settings: Settings set by the payee to withdraw funds from ProZ*Pay account 

Preferred payout method: Method set by the payee to receive the payout (funds)