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Visitors tab: will anyone be able to link to my profile page from their "Visitors Page"?

No. The owner will not be able to link to your profile page form their "Visitors Page". The owner will only have access to your IP address, which will enable them to locate you geographically. 

Note: The "Visitors Page" does not indicate who exactly visited your page by username or entity ID, likewise, when you visit a user's profile, he or she will not be able to see your username or entity ID on their "Visitors Page"; the "Visitors Page" only signifies the viewer type, for example an agency or freelancer or both. Also, the "Visitors Page" will indicate whether the viewer is a site member (highlighted in blue), ID verified, and the viewer's IP address, which can be used to locate the visitor geographically. Finally, the "Visitors Page" will indicate where the viewer came from, tabs viewed, last time visited, and the the total number of times the visitor has been to your profile page.