Why did my subject line change? moderators and staff may edit subject lines that are not sufficiently descriptive of the content of a post. (This is stated in the posting and reply forms, and also in the forum rules.)

Why is this done? For one, subject lines are shown on the front page. Misleading or incomplete subject lines keep people from efficiently finding topics of interest to them. Subject lines also become part of the summaries mailed out to those tracking topics, and they provide help in finding old threads. For these reasons, it is important that subject lines be formulated to convey, as much as possible, the content of a thread.

Examples of bad subject lines:

- KudoZ (problem: too general)
- For all translators to read (problem: not representative of content)

Examples of good subject lines:

- Indemnity insurance - do I need it? Where can I get it?
- New freelancer seeks tips on translation software

Writing good subject lines is not always easy, so be creative!