Why are political and controversial topics banned?

It is the hope of the site founder that no matter what were to happen in the "real" world, we would still have a virtual zone here at in which people of many cultures--and conflicting views--can work together on language, in peace. 

Therefore, it has always been the site's policy to *immediately* remove any posting that is not related to language and *has any chance* of being controversial. Site and forum moderators have been asked to do the same.

You may expect this policy to be applied consistently to all controversial postings, without respect to the personal views of the moderators. (So when a topic is locked or removed, this is no indication of the personal viewpoint of the person locking it.) Please allow some consideration for the fact that moderators are not always on duty, and it may take hours or even days for a posting to be closed. 

There are other, appropriate channels for politics--and those channels are much more effective than this site.