Notifications: Jobs

Why are job alerts sent to me some time after they were posted?


Some job posters are able to post jobs that appear immediately. Posting made by others require vetting. Email alerts can not be sent until the time such jobs are vetted. This is why the time you receive an email may be several hours later than the time the job was posted. When notifications are sent, they are sent to all users fairly; normally all notification emails leave our servers within 5 minutes.

Another factor to consider is the difference in timezones. By default, times are shown on the site in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Therefore, depending on your geographical location, it is possible that the time on your job notification compared to the job posting time will appear to be different; however, if you take into consideration the difference between the time displayed by the site and your email client, you will see that the email notification was actually sent out minutes after the job was vetted and made public. 

If you are experiencing delays not explained by the above, please submit a support request, including the URL of the job for which your email was delayed. We will be able to look up the exact time the message left our servers.