Profile: general

Which account type should I choose?

  1. If you are primarily an individual freelance translator or interpreter, you should choose the "Freelance translator and/or interpreter" account type.
  2. If you represent a translation agency/company, please select the "Translation agency/company employee or owner" account type.
  3. If you are an individual who provides freelance language services, but also outsources jobs, you can select the "Freelancer and outsourcer" account type.
  4. If you are currently studying language, translation or interpretation, you should choose the "Translation student" account type.
  5. If you are an end customer, please select the "End customer" account type.
  6. If you represent a vendor or advertiser, please select the "Vendor / advertiser to the translation industry" account type.
  7. If you do not fit into one of the categories mentioned above, please select the account type "Other."