What is the copyright policy for these articles?

The copyright for articles published at vary from one article to another. A copyright notice appears at the bottom of each article identifying the copyright holder. In all cases, articles may not be republished by third parties without the permission of and the copyright owners.

Authors of content published initially to the articles section have two copyright options: they may assign copyright exclusively to, in which case they will benefit from a set of promotional features, or alternatively, they may retain the right to publish the article elsewhere, in which case a minimal level of promotion will be provided. The full promotional package includes an "author box" with the body of the article, a listing among the featured authors, awarding of browniz points (which can be redeemed for a discount on membership), and, for members, rotation among featured articles on the home page. The minimal promotional package includes attribution and a link at the bottom of articles. More details are available on the article submission form.

Note: The copyright options were added upon the creation of the articles section. Those who submitted Howtos previously will receive the higher level of promotion without a need to assign exclusive copyright to has obtained permission from other publications to republish some of their articles. When an article has been republished, an appropriate notice is included at the bottom of the article.