KudoZ: general

What is KudoZ?

KudoZ is a community-based terminology network.


KudoZ is a community-based terminology network. There are two broad areas: "help" KudoZ and "glossary-building" KudoZ. Both share many elements in common but have different objectives:

  • Through "help" KudoZ, ProZ.com users offer each other, and guests, free assistance in translating tough terms. The question is posted by someone in need of term help, who should then select the "most helpful" among the answers received. Take a look at our flash introduction to learn more. In this type of KudoZ, the emphasis is on helping the asker-- the fact that an archive of previously posted terms with suggested translations has been built is a planned, yet peripheral, benefit.
  • The purpose of the "glossary-building" KudoZ (GBK) is that of coordinating the efforts of willing members of the ProZ.com community in building up an authoritative glossary of terms and their translations in many languages and fields. GBK questions are posted for translation selectively by a GBK team. Community selection is be used to ascertain the most accurate translations from among those proposed.