KudoZ: general

What information can I see about a KudoZ asker?

 If you move your mouse over the asker's picture in a KudoZ question you will see a mouse-over message similar to the one pictured below:

The following definitions apply:

  • Questions: the amount of questions posted by the asker.
  • Open: questions that remain open and have at least an answer not hidden and not declined by the asker.
  • Without valid answers: questions that remain open and that received no answers, or that received answers that were hidden, or declined by the asker.
  • Closed without grading: questions that were closed without grading by the asker after having received at least one answer not hidden.

Squashed questions are not included in these statistics. If you want to get more information on the asker, a click on the asker's link will take you to the asker's profile.