KudoZ: general

What happens if a KudoZ question isn't graded? 

If a "help" question has received answers but not been closed within three days, an email is sent to the asker reminding him or her to grade. If the question remains open after four such reminders have been sent (over 2 weeks), an attempt is made to select the best answer automatically. An 'autograding robot' makes its selection based on the net number of peer 'agrees' received by each answer, according to the following rules:

  • To be considered, an answer must have at least two "net agrees" (agrees-disagrees).
  • The answer with the highest number of net agrees is selected. If two answers have the same number of net agrees, the last one entered is selected. The idea is that if two answers gather the same number of net agrees, the one that did so in a shorter period of time may be better. In other words, all those agreed to the second answer have seen the first one and still voted for the second, therefore preferring the second answer, while those that voted for the first one may not have seen the second answer when voted.

    If no answer has at least 2 net agrees, it remains open.