KudoZ: general

What does the "Vote PRO" or "Vote non-PRO" button do?

In a "help" KudoZ question marked as PRO, participants may vote to have the question marked as non-PRO, and vice versa. Moderators and KudoZ editors have a single vote, like any other user of the site.

Non-PRO questions are those that can be answered by any bilingual person without the aid of a dictionary. All other questions are PRO. "Glossary-building" KudoZ questions are always PRO and can't be voted into non-PRO.

Three votes for either PRO or non-PRO are required to reclassify a question for the first time, and after that it will reverse its status as soon as there are more votes for the change than against it.

For instance a question asked as non-PRO will require three votes to turn it into PRO (voting 3-0). At this point the button will change to "vote non-PRO" and four votes will turn it into non-PRO (voting 4-3). After that it will take two votes to change the question again in either sense (voting 5-4, 6-5, etc.).

If you have fewer than twenty (20) KudoZ PRO points, you will not see this option.

Access to the voting feature may be limited or revoked at the discretion of ProZ.com staff.