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What are the rules for submitting WWA ratings?

Certain conditions must be met before WWA ratings can be made:
• In order for WWA ratings to be shared with service providers they must be entered when a verifiable work order has been assigned and there no pending non-payment issues. 
• It is not possible to edit an entry for 30 days after it has been shared with the service provider. 
• A service provider is allowed to reply. (Note that it is not possible to edit an entry for 30 days after a reply has been received.)
• Self-entries are not permitted. 
• Defamation is not permitted. A WWA rating entry may not be used to defame any individual or business. Entries, comments accompanying entries, and responses to entries, must focus strictly on WWA ratings and adhere to all site rules 
• All communication must adhere to all site rules
• Attempting to influence another's use of WWA ratings is prohibited. Exerting pressure on someone to change a WWA rating entry or reply, or to make a new entry or reply of a specific nature, is forbidden. (Inviting outsourcers to make WWA rating entries or replies is acceptable, as long as there is no attempt to influence the content of those postings.)
• WWA ratings may not be used to coerce. Using a WWA rating, or threatening to use a WWA rating, in such a way as to pressure a service provider or outsourcer into taking some action, is strictly prohibited.