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What are my options regarding the visibility of my WWA entries?

WWA information is displayed in the upper right corner of your profile. There are three options for the visibility of this information:

a) Entries visible only to the profile owner

This is how the feature will appear in a new profile which has not received WWA entries:


After receiving WWA entries, you will see this:


A visitor will only see a blank field where the WWA feature should be. 

b) Entries visible to visitor

If you choose to click on the "Show to visitors" button, you will see:a8e15d925691ad59025aa516685476a2_WWA3

And now visitors to your profile will be able to see the entries:


Clicking on the number of entries will open a box where detailed information about the entries will be displayed.

c) WWA hidden from owner

If you have chosen to hide your WWA entries from visitors to your profile, you can also make the feature invisible for you. To do this, just click on the "Hide from me" button. All that will be visible then is a button which you can use to make the WWA feature visible again if you choose so in the future.

A visitor to your profile will see no trace of WWA.