What about confidentiality? Who can access my invoice data?

Like all information collected at, invoice data is protected according to the site's privacy policy.

Invoices created with this tool can be accessed online in the following cases.

  • An invoice can be viewed and edited by the user who created it (and by others at that user's company, if the user has a corporate profile with multiple employee logins).
  • When sending an invoice to a client, a special invoice URL containing a random secret key is provided. Anyone who has access to this special URL can view the invoice online (unless the invoice has been deleted).
  • If the client has associated his client record with his profile, the client can view invoices sent to him in his own "accounts payable" tab (unless the invoices are deleted or marked as a "draft").
  • staff have access to invoice data solely for the purpose of providing support and maintaining and improving the service. This access is governed by the privacy policy. Invoice data is treated as confidential, and will not be shared with third parties or used for marketing or other purposes inconsistent with providing support and maintaining and improving the service. If a staff member accesses an invoice, whether to assist a member or for any other reason, a record of that access is kept.

See this page for more information about invoice data protection and security.