General information

I got an email virus that appeared to come from email notifications do not allow attachments, so propagating viruses through them is very unlikely. The email virus you received probably did not come from

An increasingly common technique used by viruses and worms is to scan the infected user's email client for email addresses, subject lines, and message bodies, and then compose an infected email out of a random collection of these. The infected message is then sent to everyone in the user's address book. So, while the email you received may have claimed to be from, or have the subject line of a KudoZ notification, for example, those features of the email were likely randomly selected from emails on the infected user's computer.

The only way to tell for certain where an infected message originated is to look at the complete headers attached to the message by the mail servers that delivered it. If, by examining these headers, you ever find that an infected message truly originated at, please submit a support request including the message with complete headers, and we will take immediate action to resolve the problem.