Notifications: KudoZ

Can I track a particular KudoZ question?

Yes. If you are a member you can track any KudoZ question. For each question you will see a track setting box in the left navigation column of the page which looks like this:


2019-07-31 11_33_48-Bell Jars

When you check this box and click on save, you will receive a notification each time a reference post or an answer is posted.

Also, there is a selection box in the discussion area that allows the tracking of the discussion entries of a particular question:


When you select the "track question" box, the "track discussion" will also be selected. You can then de-select any of them independently.

When you post a reference comment, an answer or a discussion entry, the "track discussion" box is selected. If you de-select it once it will no longer be automatically selected again in this question.