Profile: fields of expertise

There is a field available in the directory, but I can not enter it as a speciality of mine. How do I get listed under that category?

You can get listed under any category you choose. You just need to understand how handles fields in pull-down menus.

The way we do the pull-down menus is a little unorthodox. Because, for example, some people think "cars"--while our "official" category is "automotive"--we add double-entries for some fields in pull-down menus. These "pseudo-fields" do nothing but point to our "official" categories.

In the case of the category we officially call "Travel & Tourism", for example, we added a pseudo-category called "Hotels = Tourism" that simply points to "Travel & Tourism". So if you enter "Travel & Tourism" in your areas of specialization, your name will come up in directory searches for "Hotels = Tourism", too.

Note that any time you see a category with an equal sign (=), that is a double entry (a pseudo-field) representing another, "official" one.