KudoZ: general

What should I do if KudoZ rules are being broken?

If you observe KudoZ rules being broken you should refer the matter to the moderator for the language pair in question. A list of moderators is available here.

Many language pairs have one or more dedicated moderator. In these cases you will see at the bottom of the question page a small box containing the moderator's name and a "Call to this question" link.

When you click on this link, a small box will open to let you describe the rule(s) violation you perceived in the thread. This is a mandatory field. When you submit this information it will be included in a profile email to be sent to the moderator. 

If you prefer to contact a moderator directly, please be sure to include all relevant information, including links to particular questions, etc.

If the language pair has no moderator listed, you may contact site staff on the issue via support request.

Note that you should not contact the person(s) who you believe are violating site rules directly, or use the KudoZ form to post messages regarding site rules (see KudoZ rule 1.3). Contact a moderator or site staff.