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How to activate Protemos

Protemos is a translation business management system that allows you to efficiently manage your translation workflow by automating tasks and providing detailed financial reports.




A license for Protemos is included with the Business Plus and Enterprise packages and special discounts on more licenses are available for Business Plus and Enterprise members.

Activate your license now

Follow these instructions to activate your yearly license:

  1. Create your Protemos account.
  2. Go to Settings > Integrations > ProZ.com and click on "Enable" on the right.

You can always contact the Protemos support team if you need anything.


Protemos is a translation business management system, in other words, an online platform that helps you cope with most of the tasks that are part of the daily process of a translation company. Protemos helps you to:

  • Maintain databases of clients and translators, with their specializations, comments, and rate and contact information, and more.
  • Create projects, assign tasks to your vendors, store your files in a safe and orderly manner.
  • Control deadlines: get the files from your vendors in time and deliver them to your client.
  • Manage your finances: invoices to clients, invoices from vendors, ensure timely payments.
  • Coordinate all projects and distribute workload among vendors.
  • Obtain automated financial reports to plan your business strategy accordingly.

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