What is a ProZ.com powwow?

Powwows are informal get-togethers of groups of ProZ.com users that provide an opportunity for networking and informal socializing among language professionals--a chance to meet the people behind the profiles.

At powwows, most organizers offer attendees an opportunity to introduce themselves and make announcements. Sometimes, a theme is selected (for example: 'CAT tools', 'Literature', 'Free-lancing', 'New Translators'). Sometimes a user volunteers to speak on a topic, and provided there is sufficient interest expressed by others, the organizer may permit this.

Some organizer have invited representatives from large clients, or CAT tools vendors, to speak or give demonstrations. This has generally been well-received. It is important, however, that the tone of such meetings be informative rather than commercial.

Some powwows have no agenda and no theme, and that is fine, too. Basically, if you are the organizer, it is your event to create!

ProZ.com powwows can be in-person, virtual or both. In in-person powwows, organizers propose a location to meet (a restaurant, a bar, a park).

ProZ.com powwow

Virtual powwows, on the other hand, are held using a video-conference service that is integrated into powwow pages.


At the date and time of the powwow, registrants simply visit the powwow page and click on a button that gives them access to a virtual rooms (only registrants will see buttons to enter virtual rooms).


Powwows that are both, virtual and in-person, offer attendees the possibility of attending by either physically going to the powwow venue, or if they are not in the area, joining powwow attendees virtually through the powwow page. In such cases, organizers and in-person attendees may be asked to use mobile devices to broadcast the in-person meeting to virtual attendees live through the powwow page.

Note: Organizers are required to record the names and IDs of users in attendance. To facilitate this, members are asked to bring their ProZ.com IDs/numbers (the last number at the end of your profile URL: id-1). Users who attend should receive browniz, but that can only happen if they bring their ProZ.com IDs and/or usernames, and the organizer enters them into the online attendance sheet afterwards.

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