Can I organize a ProZ.com powwow?

If you are a ProZ.com member or a registered user with a verified identity, you are invited to propose a powwow.

To submit your proposal, complete the powwow form.

If your powwow is approved, the event is yours to plan. Your responsibilities will include deciding on a place to hold the event if you are planning an in-person powwow (and reserving that place), fixing the date and time, choosing a topic, and sending periodic notices to potential attendees to keep them up to date and involved in the planning.

You will be expected to take attendance at the event, and to enter that attendance data in the online form after the event is held (click "Enter Attendance" at the top of your powwow page). You are advised to bring to the powwow a printed copy of the paper attendance sheet, to be filled out by powwow attendees.

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