Notifications: KudoZ

Why am I not getting any KudoZ email notifications?

If you are not getting KudoZ email alerts at all, and you have never gotten them, check the settings in your profile page. You will not get any notifications if:
- you have entered no language pairs
- you have entered no fields of expertise
- you have not selected KudoZ email notifications in your email preferences.

If you had been receiving notifications, and without anything changing stopped receiving them, there could be several causes:

- previous messages to you bounced, and your email address was 'stamped' bad . Check the personal data in your profile page; the characters 'xxx ' will have been added before your address.

- there is a problem with email notifications. Check the site status page for info.

- you or your ISP has changed or added filtering, and that filtering is preventing the alerts from reaching you (there is a known problem with, for example)

If, after checking the above, you can not find the problem, enter a support request with a link to at least one KudoZ question of which you should have been alerted.