Notifications: Jobs

Why am I not getting all the job email alerts I should be?


When email alerts go out for jobs, among the criteria considered are: language pair, subject area, tools required, geographical speculations, credentials required, rate offered. If you have not received an email notification of a job, make sure that your profile settings and email preferences are such that you should have received it. In particular, you should consider checking the following:

  • Subject area: make sure the subject field specified by the outsourcer for their job is one of the fields reported in your profile. Note that oustourcers sometimes specify more than one subject field for their jobs. Make sure you have reported all fields selected by the outsourcer, and not just one or two of them. You can report fields here.

  • Software: make sure the software required for the job is listed as software in your profile. You can edit the list of software you use from your Profile Updater.

  • Rates: translators will not be notified of jobs where the offered rate (if any) is below the minimum rate declared in their profile. (If necessary, currency conversion is performed using exchange rates from You can edit or enter the rates declared in your profile here.

  • Services required: Note that jobs are classified into Potential, Interpreting and Translation/editing/proofing job. Check the services you have reported for the language pair in which you are interested from your Profile Updater by clicking on Edit next to each of the language pairs you reported.

  • Credentials: Some outsourcers prefer to receive quotes from service providers who have reported credentials in their profiles for the language pair required for the job. To report your credentials go to your Profile Updater and click on 'Add credentials' next to the corresponding language pair declared in the 'Language pairs' section. A window will pop up allowing you to report any professional credentials, certifications or accreditations you have earned from recognized authorities. 

  • Location: make sure the location specified by the outsourcer matches the location reported in your profile. Remember you can enter your contact details in your Profile Updater.

  • Native language: Note that some outsourcers prefer to receive quotes from service providers who have reported a specific native language. You can report your native language here.

    Also, check your jobs dashboard to see your notifications preferences are set correctly. Note that apart from turning on your Classic Notifications settings, you must chose to receive immediate alerts for each language pair.

    Selecting working fields will include your specialty fields, selecting interest fields will include working and specialty fields, and selecting all fields will include all the fields reported in your profile and not all available fields.

    In your jobs dashboard, make also sure you have not filtered any outsourcer or that you have not selected a higher average LWA than the average for the oustourcer that posted the job for which you were not notified.

    Remember you can also check your Mail monitor for more information any time.

    If you are unable to resolve the problem or need further help, please submit a support request, including the URL(s) of one or more jobs of which you should have been notified. Support staff will check to see whether or not the alert email to you left the servers. If it did, there may be a problem, or filtering, happening at your ISP or on your local computer.