Localization project

Do localization team members receive recognition?

Yes, to compensate the teams for their efforts, site localizers are provided with promotion throughout ProZ.com once the language has been finished and released to the public. Specifically:

- For every word translated a team member will receive 3 Browniz points and for every word proofread 1. Every 7500 browniz (2500 words translated or 7500 words proofread), a team member will receive 2 months of membership that will be exchanged for the 7500 browniz earned through localization.

Note: in order to receive this compensation the words translated should have been proofread by the Team Leader or by the team members devoted to the proofreading task. 


-Localizers will also receive promotion which consists of the following:

1. Recognition in their profiles. Once team members have localized over 1000 words the following message will appear on their profiles:  This translator is helping to localize ProZ.com into {language} Note: this message does not appear if the team member has not localized at least 1000 words.

If the team member is inactive and has localized over 1000 words their profile will show the following message: This translator helped to localize ProZ.com into {language}

2. All team members (active and inactive) are listed, with photos and optional bios, on the localization team page for their language. Search engine optimized links will point to these localization team bios from most ProZ.com pages when viewed in that team's language.

3. Specifically, team volunteers may receive added compensation depending on whether their release dates have been met. However, all active team volunteers will receive a search engine optimized link to their profiles from the bottom of most ProZ.com pages when viewed in their language.

This promotion is significant, as it provides a substantial boost to the "page rank" of these translators' ProZ.com profiles in search engines, resulting in an increase in client traffic. (ProZ.com's main pages have the highest page ranks in the industry, and these are inherited by pages we link to.)

4. As an additional way to thank volunteers for their role in the localization of ProZ.com, they can add a sample of their translation in the Portfolio section of their profile, and also add a project description of their participation in the localization efforts, to which site staff will provide feedback.