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Is "yes" the only possible response to the "willingness to work again" question asked to outsourcers?

For the time being it was decided to ask site users to make entries only for those translators and interpreters with whom they would work again. (In other words, it is not possible to make "no" and "maybe" entries in response to the question, "Would you work again with this person?") This approach is intended to address the misgivings that some members have expressed concerning the possibility of abuse, which should allow focus to be placed on the key role of the feature, i.e. marketing.

In the future, in order to enhance the integrity (and in turn, the marketing effectiveness of the tool), the responses "no" and "maybe" will also be provided to those making WWA entries. If this is disconcerting, bear in mind that a number of protections be in place and besides, by default, WWA entries are visible only to the person on whose behalf they are entered. There will never be an obligation to make WWA entries public.