KudoZ: asking

Is there a limit on the number of KudoZ questions I can ask?

Yes. Your daily limit (measured over a sliding 24-hr period) depends on your membership:

  • If you are not registered with ProZ.com (or if you have an account, but you are not logged-in), you can ask only one (1) KudoZ question per day.
  • If you have an account at ProZ.com, but you are not a paying member, you can ask five (5)  KudoZ questions per day.
  • If you are a ProZ.com member, you can ask fifteen (15).*

There are also weekly limits of twenty (20) KudoZ questions for registered, non-member users, and sixty (60) KudoZ questions for paying members.

IMPORTANT: If you have ten (10) questions that have received valid answers and have been open for more than a week, you will not be allowed to ask further questions. You must grade and close these questions to continue asking.

* Members have higher limits and can request limit waivers via the support system.