How can I see all the invoices sent to me by others? (Or: How can I link my account to invoices from a provider?)

If other members send you invoices via the invoicing tool, you can track invoices they send to you on the accounts payable tab. To do this, you must create a "link" between your account and each provider who sends you invoices. (Technically, you are linking your account to the record that represents you in the provider's client list.) This "link" will only be visible to you and to the provider.

To create this link, view an invoice from that provider online using the link in the email sent to you. Then click "add this provider's invoices to your accounts payable page" on the right side of the invoice.

Note that this will also cause your profile contact information to be used for the invoice "Bill To" address, which means that your profile contact information will be disclosed to that provider. See this FAQ for details.