Profile: CV/resume

I deleted my profile/CV but Google still shows it.

You should ask Google to delete that information from their Cache. You can do it here:

Remember that in your new profile, in the Settings-Search Engine Settings, you have the option “Profile Indexing”. You might select “Index” if you want search engines to store a snapshot of your profile page and “No index” if you do not want search engines to store a snapshot of your profile page.

If you selected “Index” (default option), that information is stored in Google's cache and we just don't have a way to prevent Google from saving it.

Also, note that we've just recently started the full removal of CVs. We original simply "un-linked" them from a profile in the event that someone did not actually intend to remove his or her resume. As our user base has expanded, this has lead to higher resource usage so we've started to completely remove them. From here on, if you remove a CV from your profile, it will be deleted from the servers within 15 minutes.

Note: You should assume that information you display in your CV will be indexed by search engines. If you choose to remove your CV later, it may take some time for this indexed information to also be removed from search engine caches.