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How do I open a non-payment report for an outsourcer?

During the submission of your LWA entry as per FAQ, after sending the LWA entry for vetting, if the rating of the LWA entry is very low (1 or 2) you will be given the option to report any non-payment issue involved with the outsourcer.

You will see a message "You entered a low LWA for this outsourcer. If you have not received payment, report a non-payment for this outsourcer". Please press on the button “report a non-payment for this outsourcer”. You will be redirected to another page where the possibility to enter data regarding your non-payment issue will be provided. After filling in all the necessary information please press on the “Preview non-payment report” button, check carefully your non-payment report again and press on the “Submit non-payment report” button to open a non-payment issue for your LWA entry.

If the LWA entry is already submitted and approved by Staff, however, you have not opened a non-payment report please contact site Staff , to request to open a non-payment report for your LWA entry. Please make sure that your non-payment report is in line with Blue Board rules.

The non-payment report is visible only to Staff and to the outsourcer. Service providers who report non-payment issues are required to update their LWA entries on time to make it clear if the payment has been made. If it is not possible to edit the LWA entry (whether because the reply has been already submitted by the outsourcer and as per Blue Board rule #3 , the LWA entry is not editable, or the LWA entry is too old) service providers should let site staff know if and when the non-payment issue is resolved (by submitting a support request, to inform they have been paid in full).

Note: In the case of outsourcers, if they have resolved an open non-payment issue, they are invited to contact site staff , and ask them to confirm this with the service provider. Only when the service provider confirms payment has been received in full, the LWA entry will be removed from the Blue Board record, allowing the service provider to make a new LWA entry reflecting the current situation. Note that this new entry may contain the same 1-5 rating as the entry that contained the non-payment report.

For more information regarding the use of Blue Board on please check the article “Using the Blue Board” .