Turn-key jobs

How is the translator chosen for a turn-key translation? What criteria are used to determine eligibility?

When a turn-key translation order is placed, the system identifies suitable providers based on a variety of criteria and invites a few at a time, in order, until one of them accepts the job. Eligibility and order of preference are determined by criteria such as the following (listed here in no particular order):

* Certified PRO status

* native language

* emphasis of language pair

* reported expertise in field

* current availability and time zone

* track record on previous turn-key translations

* past feedback from this client

* relevant KudoZ points

* etc.

Note that Certified PRO status and ProZ.com membership are not required for eligibility, though they will be taken into consideration when determining the order in which eligible providers are invited.

In the future, the system may provide an option for the client to have more control over the selection criteria.