Online training

How are online training sessions conducted?

Group online training sessions will be carried out using the Go To Webinar virtual platform for online courses and events. You will receive an invitation to join the webinar 24 hours and one hour before the training session takes place, or earlier.

Internet connection and VOIP or a telephone line will be necessary. Most of the time, online sessions are conducted for large group of people, thus all attendees will be muted during the session.

Depending on the session topic, if any CAT tool or other software is required, it's up to the trainee to have it installed before the session —required software will be detailed at the training page.

Please, check if your computer meets the system requirements before taking a session.

One-on-one online training sessions may use Skype, the GTW platform, or a different method agreed between the trainer and the trainee. If those programs are used, it will be shown on the training page. In case you need to use a telephone line, all charges will be paid separately.