KudoZ: general

How does the first validated answer (FVA) mode work?

Askers have the option of asking questions in "first validated answer" (FVA) mode. When the FVA option is selected, instead of multiple answers being submitted and the asker selecting the one that is most helpful, the goal is for one correct translation to be agreed upon by the answerer community. An FVA question is therefore considered closed as soon as one answer gets two net agrees (in top pairs, two net agrees must come from users who meet the criteria for the question).

The effect for askers is that they can ask a question, and some time later be sent an answer that has been validated. It is considered that this option to "leave the decision to the pros" may appeal to some askers, particularly those who do not speak the target language. Various other possibilities may also be presented by this new approach.

Note that FVA questions are always not-for-points, and that they are targeted at those who work in the language pair, have expressed at least an interest in the selected field, and are native in the target language when the question is in a top pair. (However, others are not prevented from answering.)