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How do I remove an LWA entry on a Blue Board record?

You may request removal of an LWA entry you have made at any time. If the entry has been replied by the outsourcer, both parties must be in agreement for removal to take place. Once both parties have established this agreement on their own, they must each submit a support request for removal.


Note: If you have submitted a valid LWA entry (you delivered commissioned work on time, and without quality complaints), and the reply you receive alleges that this is not the case, you should contest the reply. Submit a support request with the link to the Blue Board record in question and any relevant details. Note that both you and the outsourcer may be asked to substantiate the situation. If the reply is found to be invalid, it will be removed.

Outsourcers may also contest LWA entries which do not meet the conditions for valid LWA entries in a similar fashion.

If there is any evidence that an entry or reply by an outsourcer or service provider has broken a site rule or has been determined to be unlawful, the entry/response may be hidden or deleted by staff.