Glossary-building KudoZ

How do glossary-building KudoZ (GBK) work?

A glossary-building KudoZ (GBK) 'transaction' involves three stages:

  1. Posting stage. A term is posted by an authorized person for translation into one or more pairs. A definition and one or more example sentences are included with the question. Notification of the GBK-type question is sent to interested and qualified site users.
  2. "Specialty" stage. During the 72 hours following the posting, qualified parties are able to suggest translations including terms, definitions, example sentences and optionally references. These parties will also be able to post peer comments and grading on the answers provided.
  3. Closing stage. At the end of the submission period the system will attempt to close the question. If successful, a notification will be sent to the person who posted the selected answer, 4 points will be assigned to that answer (unless the question was posted as not-for-points) and a glossary entry will be created and stored. If closing proves impossible, notifications will be sent to all interested and qualified parties and a "working" phase will last until the peer-grading received allows for the closure of the question.