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How can I request an LWA entry from service provider who has been working with me?

First off all, please remember that only translators that are registered on can make LWA entries in your Blue Board record. Therefore before requesting an LWA entry from a service provider who has worked for you or your company, please first make sure that this service provider is registered on Otherwise s/he should create a profile on here . 

To request an LWA entry, please go to your Blue Board record and:
1)click “Manage LWA feedback” from the menu on the right. You will be redirected to the Feedback management page.
2) Select Request Blue Board Entries (outsourcers only) from the menu on the left.
3) On the next step please start typing the username or the real name of the service provider you are looking for in the “Search” section and click on the name in the list which appears below the search box. If the data displayed in the box on the right corresponds to the desired service provider, click on "Add to list".
4) Make sure that the check box near the name of service provider is checked and click “Proceed to step 2 of 3”.
5) Check the message which will be sent to service provider. A template text to request the Blue Board entry can be personalized, so you may also enter your own text for this message. Once the text is ready, please press on “Proceed to step 3 of 3 (preview and send emails)”.
6) Check the message you are going to send and click the “Send” button or on “Back edit (message) button”, if you would like to edit the message you are going to send.