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How can I have my profile identity verified?

The Identity Verification application page provides three means of getting your identity verified.

1) One way to have your identity verified is to have met--in person--a staff member, moderator or member who has been given the right to verify identities. (A list of those with the power to verify identities is included in the application form. Only in-person meetings will be considered.)

2) The other way to get your identity verified is to make a credit card purchase using a card that carries the same name that is entered in your profile page. If you purchase site membership or training at the website, your identity will be verified automatically if all the conditions are met (see). 

3) If you would like to have your identity verified without purchasing membership or training, you may make a one-time non-refundable credit card payment of $5 (US). Please be sure that the credit card is in your name, and your name is in your profile under your "Real name" (whether or not your choose to make your real name visible to others).

There is currently no way to have your identity verified by any other means, including faxing, etc.

Note: At the moment only direct credit card and Paypal payments are accepted for ID verification purposes.