How can I create custom templates for my invoices?

  1. Go to Settings->Invoice templates, and click "Create a new custom template".
  2. Enter a name for your template, such as "Custom French template".
  3. Edit the template. The invoice template is a simple HTML document. Either edit it using the web-based editing tool, or click the "Source" button in the editing tool to edit the raw HTML source. (Note that in order for PDF invoices to work properly, the invoice templates must include only basic HTML, and can't include CSS.)
  4. Use special placeholder symbols (ex. %invoice_date%, %company_name%, etc.) to indicate where invoice data should be inserted into your template. To find a particular placeholder symbol, use the drop down list above the template editor--select the type of invoice data from the list, and then copy/paste the symbol into your template.
  5. Click "Preview as HTML" and "Preview as PDF" at the bottom of the form, to ensure your new invoice template looks the way you want. (Make sure to preview as PDF--the PDF version is more sensitive to incorrectly formatted HTML.)
  6. When you are satisfied with how it appears, save the template.

You can specify the template to use for an invoice in the "edit invoice" form. You can cause your new template to be used by default for all new invoices by clicking "Save as default" on the template settings page.