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How can I accept PayPal payments through my profile page?

First, you need to set up a Paypal account. Go to: PayPal (Click on 'Sign up for your FREE PayPal Account')

It will take from a few days to a week for your account to go through. Once it has, you simply go to your "Profile updater", click on "Financial" or "Finance" section, and then enter the email address you used to set up the Paypal account in the "PayPal email" space provided under "Payment methods". Be sure to click on "Save and update profile" once you are done. 

Note that you can set visibility/access permissions for your PayPal email address in your profile from your Profile Updater

If you select 'Show to no one' as visibility permission, profile visitors will not have access to your PayPal email address and will only see a "PayPal accepted" legend in the "Pay" section at the top of your profile.

However, if 'Show to everyone' is selected, profile visitors will be able to see a link to PayPal webpage in which your PayPal email address will be shown.

Finally, if the 'Show to outsourcers only' visibility option is selected, only visitors with company profiles will be able to link to PayPal webpage from the PayPal link at the top of your profile (and see your PayPal email address) while visitors with freelancer profiles will see the legend that is shown when selecting 'Show to no one' visibility option.