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How are GBK questions graded? 

At the end of the 72-hours submission phase (and periodically if the question entered in a selection phase) an 'auto-grading robot' makes its selection based on the net number of peer 'agrees' received by each answer, according to the following rules: 

  • To be considered, an answer must have at least two "net agrees" (agrees minus disagrees).
  • The answer with the highest number of net agrees is selected.
  • If two answers have the same number of net agrees, the one posted by the answerer with the corresponding language pair ranked higher is selected.
  • If still undecided, the alternative entered latest is selected. The logic behind this criterion is that all those agreed to the second answer have seen the first one and still voted for the second, therefore preferring the second answer, while those that voted for the first one may not have seen the second answer when voted.