Browniz points

How are browniz points updated?

Browniz point totals shown in some places throughout the site are updated once daily, whereas those in other places are updated in real time. So there can be temporary discrepancies, but correction is made when all points are counted once per day. Also, if errors were to occur, they should be corrected within a day.

Totals are updated at certain points in the site which require the latest totals. These include quoting on a job or viewing an agency's details on the Blue Board, or anywhere else BrowniZ may be spent. To force your point totals to be updated, simply visit your BrowniZ history page.

Note: In order to receive browniz for attending a powwow, the organizer must enter the attendance report before any browniz will appear in your totals. Please contact the powwow organizer if you have not received your browniz points first before you send in a support request.