How are Browniz for organizing/attending Powwows awarded?

Powwow organizers receive 2000 Browniz. Attendees receive 200 Browniz.

In order for the organizer and attendees to receive Browniz, the organizer must complete the online attendance sheet. Browniz will be credited within a day of the attendance sheet having been filed.

If there is no official organizer, but someone who attended the Powwow has a completed attendance sheet (or knows everyone that attended), that person should submit a Support Request asking to be allowed to file attendance for the Powwow. They will receive the 2000 Browniz for doing so, and ensure that the attendees each receive their 200 Browniz.

It is impractical for ProZ.com staff to enter attendance for individuals. Organizers are relied on to take and report the attendance. If you have not received Browniz for a powwow you attended, please contact the organizer of your powwow.