How about natural disasters, or disasters that are in no way political--can they be discussed in the forums?

Yes. Although not linguistic, postings on natural disasters (ie. earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, typhoons, heat waves, cold spells, tidal waves, volcanoes, avalanches, fires, mud slides and other natural phenomenon not caused by conflict) are considered appropriate for this collaborative community.

When disasters occur, members are encouraged to post information related to relief efforts being coordinated by recognized and trustworthy organizations in their areas. For example, if an earthquake has occurred somewhere in the world, a member in Spain may wish to post information related to methods of volunteering or donating, via reputable organizations, from within Spain.

Note the following:
- Postings related to natural disasters must be labeled "off topic".
- Postings made under the topic of a natural disaster that contain political commentary will be removed without regard to the opinion expressed.
- Postings that propose private coordination of relief efforts will be removed without regard to the author.
- Apart from natural disasters, no other form of humanitarian posting is allowed.