Notifications: KudoZ

How can I get notifications when a certain user posts a KudoZ answer or reference comment?

In order to get a notification every time a certain registered user posts a KudoZ answer or reference comment you have get this user's authorization to track his/her answers. To do so:


Hover over your username, on the top right corner of's site header until you see a drop-down menu. Under the section My communication settings, select KudoZ email settings  to go to your KudoZ dashboard .


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On your KudoZ dashboard, click on the "Answerer tracking" tab.

In the answerer tracking page you should enter the user's ID in the corresponding box and press "Track answerer". If you don't know this number you should click on the "Search" link to open a search tool and enter the corresponding information on name, username of profile number and then click on "Search" and on the found profile name:

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At this point the dashboard will show the corresponding profile number and username. You may send a personalized message before sending the request by means of the "track answerer" button.

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You can also start this procedure by clicking on the "track this answerer" in an answer or reference comment posted by a user:


After submitting the request, the dashboard will record it as pending. While the request is pending, you will see a special message in each answer or reference comment posted by the tracked user.

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Once your request is accepted, the dashboard will show change its status from pending to Accepted, and give you the option to remove tracking.

You will receive a notification each time a tracked user posts an answer or a reference comment.